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Luigi's Pizza


Carlos Lerma​

Cover Design

Carlos Lerma

Release Date

November 12th, 2021


Young Adult

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Luis Romano is out for the adventure of a lifetime. The outcast and underdog finds his true passion in the kitchen, the problem is, his family does not approve of a son seeking to build himself a culinary reputation; even less with them being professional and famous athletic figures. But Luis decides to run away from home to pursue his dream of being the world's best pizza cook. Will he make it? What friends will he meet along the way? What lessons will he learn?


Luis, after running away, changes his name to Luigi; to prove the old him is dead. With the help of the old and trusty Mr. Aaron, Luigi began to live a more truthful life to himself by living doing the thing he loves the most, pizza. But at Mr. Aaron's Pizza Palace.


"Luigi's Pizza" is the third book in the series of Carlos Lerma's Short Stories Collection.

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