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The Wright Way


Carlos Lerma​

Cover Design

Carlos Lerma

Release Date

March 1st, 2022


Science Fiction

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Logan Wright comes across newfound fame and praise after accidentally finding the cure for cancer. After eventually recreating the formula for the cure, all is okay, for about five seconds. The ‘W.H.A.T. Corporation’ enters Logan’s path in an unusual turn of events, as Logan is seen as a criminal for giving humanity this unfair advantage.


The World Habitants’ Authority and Trust Corporation are in charge of global domination. Logan is just another one of their criminals who give humanity an advantage that disadvantages the company. In their facilities, he meets identity-stealing and time-traveling extraordinaire: William Parnell, locked in a cell for his crimes against time and space.


Parnell and Wright will join forces against What. Putting the world’s fate, and theirs, at risk. All while discovering top government secrets.


"The Wright Way" is the fourth book in the series of Carlos Lerma's Short Stories Collection.

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