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Carlos Lerma

Carlos Lerma is a Mexican award-winning writer/director and bestselling author. Best known for his internationally recognized films, which include “Treasure Haunt” (2023), and “Faraway Fiesta” (2023). Additionally, he has published illustrated poetry books, including "Underdog Days" (2022), which is an English translation of one of his Spanish best-selling books.

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Born: México

  • Occupation: Writer/Director/Producer and Author

  • Publishing books since: 2019 (16 years old) - Present

  • Making Original Films since: January 2019



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Film Festivals & Press Events
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Literature Accomplishments

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+92K Readers

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All Poetry Books Peaked at #1 in Fiction & Literature in Mexico (and since are in the top 10.)
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