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"Must read 🏆. Carlos Lerma is a poet, and he knows it. He is also an artist and letter writer, and you, lucky reader, get to experience Carlos in all of his imperfect perfection..."
Catherine Beeman
Underdog Days

Author & Illustrator

Carlos Lerma​

Editor & Translator

Lucia Villalpando

Cover Design

Carlos Lerma

Release Date

April 20th, 2022




More retailers coming soon!

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Immerse yourself in confessional-style poems ranging from heartbreak to friendships, challenges & mental health. Underdog Days explores what it is to live in the stage where there are constant changes in your person, in your life, and in your world.

From the author of Identity Thief and The Wright Way, Carlos Lerma offers deep, thoughtful poems as well as letters written for people who will never write back, paired with five uncomfortably honest stories from Carlos' life.


In this visually exciting installment of poems and illustrations from the mind of Carlos, Underdog Days takes you on a journey of finding yourself and accepting everyone's imperfections and personal mistakes along the way. Between poems and illustrations, the topics of false friendships, fury, mental health, discovery, friendships, love & more are talked about. This new collection speaks to the indescribable feelings of displacement and longing for company. Carlos brings his contemporary insights and powerful honesty to bear on topics many are too scared to talk about.

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